Regional TVET Conference 2015

Supporting AEC-Integration through Inclusive and Labour Market oriented TVET

The Regional TVET Conference is an event originally initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The third TVET Conference will bring together key stakeholders from politics as well as senior representatives from the business community, international agencies and civil society to discuss how to manage the AEC integration by enhancing inclusive and labour market oriented TVET development, to share best policy strategies and to offer new ideas.

Since East and South-East Asia hold enormous political and economic potential but also face major challenges in particular with regard to regional economic integration, this year’s TVET Conference will focus on four key topics to revitalise and build on the process started in 2012:

  1. TVET Governance (including a labour market oriented legal framework and financing of TVET)
  2. Inclusive vocational education
  3. Work processes and employment oriented TVET
  4. TVET Personnel

The strengthening of regional strategies and policies in the fields of the economy and employment as well as the TVET cooperation mechanisms are a particular priority for the emerging economic union.

In order to make TVET more demand oriented, improve its quality and enhance its contribution to the regional integration process, the conference aims to promote specialist debates and expert dialogues on inclusive and labour market oriented TVET for the upcoming AEC. The conference  will also promote transnational cooperation and regional harmonisation within the TVET sector in Asia and in ASEAN in particular (based on joint recommendations). Finally, it will help gather recommendations from the other conferences in Hanoi and Jakarta and share experiences.

The Ministry of Education and Sports in cooperation with the BMZ is looking forward to the participation of and exchange with other ASEAN members and countries in the region, which will make this years’ Regional TVET Conference an influential and successful event.

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