Key topic 4: TVET Personnel

One of the cornerstones of the Asian Economic Community 2015 is the creation of a regional labour market to facilitate the free exchange of skilled workers. This requires strong national TVET systems to ensure a steady supply of a skilled and demand-driven labour force and the compatibility of different national qualification systems on a regional level.

However TVET systems in South East Asia tend to be diverse and detached from the needs of the demand-side, and national qualification frameworks have not been aligned with the ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF) leaving the region ill-prepared for free labour mobility.

It is increasingly acknowledged that TVET personnel (teachers, management staff and in-company trainers) are the backbone of a high quality TVET system. Consequently regional core standards for TVET teachers and management staff have to be developed to ensure that TVET institutions across the region operate at a level of quality that serves as the basis for the regional recognition of qualifications. The development of these standards requires a multi-stakeholder approach that includes the private sector to guarantee that standards are demand-driven. Finally mechanisms for competence certification have to be addressed to create a framework for quality assurance.

Within this context GIZ (RECOTVET) hosts a session on TVET Personnel at the Third Regional TVET Conference. Keynote speaker will be Prof. Euler (University of St.Gallen)…..

The conference provides a forum to explore in further detail:

  • TVET Teacher competencies (technical, didactical, transferable and organisational competencies, industry experience)
  • TVET teacher professional development opportunities (in-/pre-service training, industry immersion, ToT)
  • TVET management staff competencies
  • TVET image

For further information, please find the Background Paper here.

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