Key topic 2: Inclusive Vocational Education

"Leave no one behind” is one of the key messages of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which aim to end poverty in all its forms everywhere (SDG 1). Education, particularly TVET and skills development, will play a major role in achieving a world without poverty. A particular emphasis has to be put on the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into TVET, particularly these groups which did not benefit from TVET programmes in the past. This will require new approaches, out-of-the box thinking and new alliances on the international, regional and local level.

Inclusion refers to a variety of disadvantaged groups ranging from persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, persons living below the national poverty line, women to drop-outs from school. Each group needs specific access and support strategies in order to meet their needs. TVET and skills development providers need to transform into inclusive institutions to be able to increase the access of disadvantaged persons to TVET courses. But access to TVET is not enough; disadvantaged persons have to find employment in order to progress economically out of poverty. There is well documented evidence that promoting inclusion is a smart economic investment. It makes available the capacities of many so far excluded persons for the socio-economic development of nations and communities.

The sessions regarding “Inclusive TVET” would like to introduce ideas, methods and experiences from different actors alongside the following topics:

  • Inclusion of Women in TVET – The case of victims of human trafficking
  • Delivering education and skills to disadvantaged groups in remote areas
  • Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in TVET
  • Inclusive employment of Persons with Disabilities and TVET in post conflict countries

Let us come together and discuss how we can make “Leave no one behind” a reality and how TVET can contribute to the achievement of the new SDGs.

For further information, please find the Background Paper here.

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