TVET Policy Dialogue Panel

Dec 14th, 2015

5 speakers discussed current developments in the TVET sector.

Mr Gatot Hari Priowirjanto (SEAMEO)

Mr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto, Director of SEAMEO Secretariat, stressed the importance of market oriented TVET: 'TVET has to follow the standards of the industry'.

Ms Rodora Barbaran (ASEAN Secretariat)

Ms Rodora Barbaran , Director for Social-Cultural Cooperation of ASCC Department, ASEAN Secretariat, stated that there are many initiatives to streamline TVET standards among ASEAN countries but 'still some countries have to develop their own standards'.

Mr Joachim Prey (GIZ)

Mr Joachim Prey, Director of Asia/Pacific Department of GIZ, summarised the German Development Cooperation's approach via its implementing agencies GIZ and KfW. German Development Cooperation works directly with the ASEAN secretariat and also on the regional level with multi-national projects to enhance cooperation among ASEAN member states but also on the bilateral level to strengthen the national systems and policy making

Mr Sisamone Sithirajvongsa

Mr Sisamone Sithirajvongsa, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Sports, replied to a question on the lack of skilled workers that it is indeed a critical issue for ASEAN countries and especially for Lao PDR: 'We have become a more market oriented economy and more attractive to investors but the problem is that Laos lacks skilled workers to supply these businesses'.

Mr Nikolay Kurnorov (BOSCH)

Mr Nikolay Kurnorov (Bosch Viet Nam), turned to the image problem of TVET. 'We need to build a better image so people are respected for their profession and earn money to have a good life'.

Mr Armin Hofmann (GIZ)

The session was moderated by Mr Armin Hofmann from GIZ, Director of the project 'Vocational Education in Laos' (VELA).

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