The 4 Key Topics of the 3rd Regional TVET Conference

Dec 14th, 2015

During this session, the four main topics of the Regional TVET Conference have been presented. The participants could get an overview of what is to be discussed in depth in working session on the following day and make the decision on what working group to join.

Mr Tilman Nagel (GIZ)

Mr Tilman Nagel, Head of TVET section at GIZ, introduced the key topic TVET Governance which will focus on the broader framework of TVET, including financing, system management and how to categorise the many stakeholders within this system.

Mr Sreeni Narayanan (ASSIST)

Ms Kongseng Sirivath, Co-Country Director of Village Focus International, summarised the second topic - Inclusive Vocational Education. Main focus lies on how to improve access to education for disadvantaged groups and how much a greater inclusion of all parts of society can benefit to a state's development.

Ms Kongseng Sirivath (VFI)

Mr Sreeni Narayanan, Managing Director of ASSIST, led the audience through the third key topic which is Work Process and Employment Oriented TVET. This topic mainly focuses on providing good practices on how TVET can be more practice oriented and how the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will affect skill supply and demand.

Mr Nils Geissler (GIZ)

Mr Nils Geissler, Director of the RECOTVET project of GIZ, presented the fourth topic which will pay special attention to TVET personnel. As education is nothing without teachers, it is crucial for further development of the TVET sector, to also have qualified and practiced TVET teachers. This includes their working conditions as well as the harmonisation of quality standards.

The results of the upcoming working sections will be posted on the News section of this website on 15.12.2015.

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