From the Working Groups

Dec 15th, 2015
Actresses of a theatre play on human trafficking

The morning session of the 2. day of the Regional TVET Conference were reserved for the working groups on the 4 core topics of the conference.

Presentation during the working group on TVET Personnel

TVET Personnel was one of those topics and the participants of that working group discussed how to establish common quality standards in the ASEAN region and what actually makes a good TVET teacher.

panel discussion during the Employment Oriented TVET Working Group

Under the motto 'dual is not double' the working group on Work Process and Employment Oriented TVET reviewed some good practices from ASEAN countries on how a cooperation between the TVET sector and the private sector can look like (e.g. from Viet Nam and Thailand).

input during the Inclusive TVET working group

The topic of Inclusive TVET was tackled via 4 working stations that showed different examples on how to address disadvantaged groups such as victims of human trafficking (often young women from rural areas), people with disabilities and people living in remote rural areas. Another example showcased how to work on and improve TVET in post-conflict areas.

presentation at the TVET Governance Working Group

The final group focused on TVET Governance and addressed especially the issue of limited private sector participation but also important aspects such as the involvement of stakeholders and aspects of financing.

A more detailed report on the discussions of the working groups will be published shortly on this website.

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